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Project Updates

  • Acme Township was successfully awarded a DNR Trust Fund grant to improve North Bayside Park and construct the first segment of the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail within the park. Construction for this trail segment is planned for spring 2018.
  • A very generous donation to TART Trails will fund a 50% match for trail engineering and construction from North Bayside Park through Deepwater Natural Area. The Deepwater Natural Area trail segment will be constructed with North Bayside park in spring 2018.
  • Elk Rapids is in the process of seeking funds to begin design engineering for Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail between Elk Rapids and Maple Bay Park.
  • The DNR approved the Fisherman's Island General Management Plan which recommends further study of a trail corridor within the park. Read more at
  • TART Trails and Top of Michigan Trails Council are working on developing a coordinated strategy to tackle the logistics of private support for the trail development and long term maintenance .
  • Two township based working groups have formed: Elk Rapids and Acme.
  • Resolutions of support have been gathered from 27 local organizations and local units of government.
  • TART Trails was awarded a DALMAC grant to help launch pilot project efforts in Elk Rapids and AcmeTownship. TART Trails is currently seeking matching funds to help kick this effort off.
  • TART Trails is continuing to work with the trail working groups to create ownership and maintenance role alternatives/scenarios.
  • In August 2016, the Acme Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously for trail development in the Acme area. This includes moving forward with detailed design of the connector trail at Bunker Hill as well as the first leg of the regional Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail from Bayside Park to Deepwater Natural Area.
  • In September 2016 the City Commission adopted a resolution in support of the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail, we greatly appreciate their support and leadership! We're excited to continue working together with all partners through the trail corridor to strengthen and expand our regional trail system.
  • In December 2016 the Milton Township Board of Trustees voted to adopt a resolution of support for the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail, resulting in 100% of the townships along the corridor adopting resolutions of support for the conceptual plan.