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Project Updates


  • Preliminary design is underway for trail connecting Acme to Elk Rapids. A public open house was held on Wednesday, August 22 that offered the chance to learn more about the project and submit formal public comments on how community members want to the trail to look and feel as well as where you want to see it connect. This planning process is part of the larger TC ↔ CHX Trail project, which recently received a $2.4 million investment from the State of Michigan that will help with trail planning along the 46-mile corridor. Once completed this trail will create a 325-mile network of non-motorized trails in northern Michigan. While the formal public comment period for preliminary design of the proposed trail has been formally completed, additional community input can be directed to
  • Acme Township: Thanks to support from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Acme Township, the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and many private donors, construction of the trail in Bayside Park is underway. This is the first trailhead for the Traverse City  to Charleviox Trail. TART is working closely with Acme Township and the Grand Traverse Resort to connect the trail in Bayside Park to Deepwater Natural Area. Stay tuned as those plans progress.
  • Efforts are underway to launch preliminary design for the proposed Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail between Acme and Elk Rapids. In May, the Village of Elk Rapids approved a contract with engineering firm, Prein & Newhof, to lead preliminary design for the non-motorized multi-use trail between Elk Rapids and Acme. Preliminary design will build off of the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail Concept Plan and Development Guide and will include multiple opportunities for public input, including a public open house where residents will have a chance to offer feedback on what community values they want reflected in the final trail alignment and design. The design effort will be supported by the Elk Rapids Trail team, a group consisting of local government officials, community leaders and TART Trails’ representatives, and is funded through a combination of sources including TART Trails and the Village of Elk Rapids with support from local community members, organizations and businesses.  
  • Funding has been committed to begin trail planning at Fisherman's Island State Park. Through the generosity of both public and private partners, $80,000 has been either secured or pledged, including a $50,000 pledge from the Michigan DNR for preliminary design through the park. We are optimistic we will soon have sufficient funding to cover the costs for preliminary design for this section of trail.
  • Thanks to the support of a group of local Elk Rapids residents who are excited about the prospect of a non-motorized trail from Traverse City to Charlevoix, funds have been raised to help pay for preliminary design between Maple Bay and Elk Rapids. There are many steps to the process of trail development, and if this campaign is successful, planning and public input can begin to help make a trail that will serve the community and visitors alike.
  • On August 8, 2017, a trail update was presented to the Elk Rapids Township Board of Trustees at their regular meeting. Trustees were updated on the process to bring a trail plan together from Maple Bay to Elk Rapids. While the board ultimately decided not to help fund trail planning in the immediate future, there was a high turnout of public support during public comment, and trail planners will continue to work on moving the project forward.
  • On April 6, 2017 a meeting was hosted by Lon Bargy with farmers, land owners and TART Trails in attendance to discuss agricultural issues and the trail development processes. View the worksheet here‚Äč
  • Acme Township was successfully awarded a DNR Trust Fund grant to improve North Bayside Park and construct the first segment of the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail within the park. Construction for this trail segment is planned for spring 2018.
  • A very generous donation to TART Trails was matched 1:1 for trail engineering and construction from North Bayside Park through Deepwater Natural Area. The Deepwater Natural Area trail segment will be constructed with North Bayside park in spring 2018.
  • Elk Rapids is in the process of seeking funds to begin preliminary design for the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail between Elk Rapids and Maple Bay Park.
  • The DNR approved the Fisherman's Island General Management Plan which recommends further study of a trail corridor within the park. Read more at
  • TART Trails and Top of Michigan Trails Council are working on developing a coordinated strategy to tackle the logistics of private support for the trail development and long term maintenance .
  • Two working groups supporting trail efforts have formed: Elk Rapids and Acme. Charlevoix has also formed a working group in support of the trail.
  • Resolutions of support have been gathered from 27 local organizations and local units of government.
  • TART Trails was awarded a DALMAC grant to help launch pilot project efforts in Elk Rapids and AcmeTownship. TART Trails is currently seeking matching funds to help kick this effort off.