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2015 Concept: Acme Township Segment

The Acme Segment connects to the TART Trail at Bunker Hill Road and is a shared-use path on the NE side of Bunker Hill Road to US-31. The trail crosses US-31 at the stoplight and runs along the west side of US-31. Right-of-way widths are narrow, so use of public park spaces and easements are desired. As it enters into Acme’s residential area north and west of M-72, a combination of shared roadway and bicycle lanes continue toward the Lochenheath development where the trail switches back to a shared-use path along the west side of US-31. The trail will cross to the east side of US-31, possibly near Kesner Road, and will utilize the US-31 right-of-way and/or easement(s). The right-of-way is generally 150’ wide with narrower sections across from Valley Estates and near Yuba and Petobego Creeks. The trail includes stream crossings at Yuba and Petobego Creeks, which are envisioned to be structures built into the existing foreslopes.
Acme Township Segment Click for larger version of map

Red Flags
• Best location of US-31 crossing North of Acme needs to be determined
• Access to Maple Bay County Park is not provided
• Limited right-of-way (ROW) in the following areas:
      • 33-38’ ROW along Bunker Hill Road and US-31
      • 33’ ROW for 350’ - located just north of Bethesda Court
      • 50’ ROW for 100’ - located just north of Yuba Road
      • 33’ ROW from Petobego Creek to Townline Road