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2015 Concept: Elk Rapids Township Segment

This segment starts at the Antrim County line and continues to utilize the east US-31 right-of-way and/or easements. The US-31 right-of-way width varies from 66’ to 200’, making easement acquisition efforts important in narrow areas. Once the trail is in the Village of Elk Rapids, it will cross US-31 and traverse Village Streets via bicycle lanes to provide access to the downtown area and across Elk River. The crossing and route through the Village will need to be determined by MDOT and the Village. North of Elk Rapids, North Bayshore Drive will be utilized as a shared roadway. This road is very low volume which makes it a suitable shared roadway. At Williams Drive, the trail goes back to a shared-use path along the west side of the US-31 right-of-way (90’ wide from centerline). 
Elk Rapids Township Segment Click for larger version of map

Red Flags

• The Michigan Department of Transportation,
with input from the Village of Elk Rapids, need to
determine the best location to cross US-31
• The shared roadway route alternatives through the Village of Elk Rapids require further review by the Village
• Limited  right-of-way (ROW) in the following areas:
• 33’ ROW for 660’ - located just north of Townline Road
 • 33’ ROW for 2,000’ - located on bend in US-31 
between Cabana Shores Drive and Sunset Shores Drive