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2015 Concept: Milton Township Segment

In the Milton Township segment, the shared-use path continues along the west side of US-31, where panoramic views are abundant. The right-of-way is 75’ to 90’ wide from centerline, except for a short section that is 33’ wide along King Orchards and another in front of a cemetery where easement acquisition may be necessary.  
Milton Township Segment Click for larger version of map

Red Flags

• Agriculture along this and other segments represents historic and present-day agriculture practices that are major economic drivers in the region. The path will be designed in a way that complies with and respects the importance of the agricultural community, while preventing user conflicts.
• Limited  right-of-way (ROW) in the following areas:
     • 33’ ROW for 1,100’ - located just north of Creswell Rd
     • 33’ ROW for 50’ - located 0.5 mile north of Creswell Rd