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2015 Concept: Norwood Township Segment

This segment passes through Norwood Township, where route and Township Park connections will need to be determined with the Township. A shared-use path, largely along an old road grade, is envisioned through MDNR property to Clipperview Road. At Clipperview Road, it will be a shared roadway for about 0.3 miles northeast before veering back onto MDNR property as a shared-use path to the Fisherman’s Island State Park Campground Road. The route through MDNR property is currently being studied by the MDNR in cooperation with the TVC-CHX Planning Team and will ultimately be decided by the MDNR.
Norwood Township Segment Click for larger version of map

Fisherman's Island State Park

Fisherman’s Island State Park is a major destination for regional trails with the recent completion of the Charlevoix Lake to Lake Trail, the Little Traverse Wheelway from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs, and the  proposed TVC-CHX Trail.  The preferred route for the TVC-CHX Trail through FISP was the focus of much discussion during the FISP General Management Planning process. The MDNR used a variety of methods to collect public input, including a survey which over 400 people responded. “The majority (84%) of survey respondents gave their support for a proposed regional trail initiative linking Charlevoix to Traverse City and extending the Little Traverse Wheelway south, with a portion of the trail running through FISP. Some stated their support for the trail was dependent on its location and that it should not run through the campground or the “wild” areas of the park.” 

The Draft General Management Plan directs the MDNR to work with regional partners to identify potential connections to trails beyond park boundaries and to study route options and the impact of a non-motorized trail running through the park.  The Planning Team will continue to work with the MDNR to identify and assess alternatives routes to and through FISP that respect the purpose, significance, and resource characteristics of the Park as well as the Vision and Goals for the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail.

Red Flags

• Shared roadway route through Norwood to be determined by Norwood Township
• In cooperation with St. Marys Cement, an alternate route through their property could be identified, connecting with Bells Bay Road and the Lake to Lake Trail
• Limited right-of-way (ROW) in the following area:
     • 33’ ROW on Bells Bay Road