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2015 Concept: Torch Lake Township Segment

The Torch Lake segment is also a shared-use path west side of US-31 until north of M-88, where Old Dixie Highway functions as a shared roadway to route traffic about 0.2 of a mile to the west. Between M-88 and Old Dixie Highway, there is potential to route the shared-use path through Barnes Bark property (if approved by Antrim County). The US-31 right-of-way is mostly 75’ wide from centerline, except in the Village of Torch Lake where it is 50’ and a couple short 33’ sections north of the Village.
Torch Lake Township Segment Click for larger version of map

Red Flags

Red Flags
• Limited right-of-way (ROW) in the following areas:
     • 50’ ROW through the Village of Torch Lake
     • 33’ ROW - two 300’ sections located just north of 
      the Village of Torch Lake
     • 33’ ROW for 200’ - located just north of Manitou Trail